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Roland 1983

Roland general catalog 1983

This is a general catalog that includes Roland DG, which has just changed its name from Amdec, and various brands such as Boss and the former Amdec.

Syntheseizer JX-3P, Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6, Juno-60, SH-101, System 100M, Micro composer MC-4, home use digital piano Piano Plus series and its peripherals.

Guitar and bass amps Spirit-50, -30, -20, -10, -25A, -10A, Spirit Bass 50, 30, CH-60, -40, BN-100, -60, Boss digital delay DE-200, Heaby Metal HM-2, GR series guitar synthesizers GR-300, GR-33B, GR-100, G-202, G-505, G-33, G-88.

Digital delay SDE-3000, SDE-1000, Karaoke systems, Roland DG branded CRT displays and X-Y plotters, new Amdek brand products include the HCK-100 Hand Clapper Kit, the OCK-100 Octaver Kit, and the DMK-200 Delay Kit.

Oct. 1983

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