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Roland 1984

Roland keyboard catalog vol.6 1984

Keyboards catalog vol.6, 1984 issue.

Micro complser MC-4, Digital sequencer with monophonic analog synthesizer MC-202, System 100M

Polyphonic synthesizers Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6, Juno-60, Juno-6, Digital sequencer JSQ-60

Juno-106 is introduced as a new product. Polyphonic synthesizer JX-3P, Programmer PG-200, Monophonic synthesizer SH-101

Home electronic piano Piano Plus series. Piano Plus 400, 300, 70, 60, 11, 30, EP-6060. PR-800 is a MIDI recorder for the Piano Plus 400 and 300. PB-300 provides rhythm and automatic accompaniment functions.

Digital sequencer MSQ-700, MIDI-DCB interface MD-8, Drum machines TR-909, TR-606, CR-8000, CR-5000, TB-303

Amps and effects. JC-160, JC-120, JC-50, CK-60, CK-40, CH-60, CH-40, HK-20, SRE-555, RE-501, RE-201, RE-150, SDE-3000, SDE-1000, SDE-2000, etc

Boss effects and accessories.

Jan. 1984

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