The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Roland 1985

Roland keyboard catalog 1985

Keyboard catalog in 1985

System setup (futuristic…)

MIDI keyboard controllers MKB-1000, MKB-300, AXIS-1

Super Jupiter MKS-80, Planet-S MKS-30, Planet-P MKS-10 (Piano), Super Quartet MKS-7

Synthesizers JX-8P and JX-3P, programmer PG-800, PG-200

Juno-106, 106S

Jupiter-6 and Jupiter-8

Piano plus 100, 350, 450

Analog monophonic synthesizer SH-101 and Sequencer/Synthesizer MC-202

Digital sequencers MSQ-100 and MSQ-700

System-100M and MIDI - CV/Gate interface MPU-101


Oct. 1985 issue

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