The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Roland 1987

Roland keyboard catalog 1987

Keyboards catalog in 1987

Digital synthesizer D-50, D-550, programmer PG-1000

Sampler S-50, S-550, S-220, S-10

Digital pianos RD-1000, RD-300, Home pianos HP-3000S, HP-2000, HP-800, HP-700, HP-600, Synthesizers SUPER JX (JX-10), alpha JUNO-2, alpha JUNO-1, HS-80, SH-101

MIDI keyboard controllers MKB-1000, MKB-200, AXIS-1, Digital sequencer MC-500, Sound modules MT-32, MKS-80, MKS-50, MKS-70, MKS-20, MKS-7

Audio mixers M-240, M-160, Sync box SBX-80, SBX-10. Nov. 1987 issue

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