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Yamaha 1982

Yamaha keyboards catalog 1982

This is a large format catalog.

List of series listed in the catalog

The first Yamaha FM synth/keyboard models, the GS1 and GS2, are now available.

Electric grand piano CP88 and CP70B

The new electronic piano CP35, CP25 and older CP30

Electronic piano CP20, CP10, CP11, FM ensemble keyboard CE20

This page shows an example of keyboard settings. As you can see, the model used looks like Hall & Oates.

Polyphonic CS70M, Duo-phonic CS40M, Monophonic CS20M, all models are programmable analog synthesizer.

Monophonic synthesizer CS15D and CS15

Monophonic synthesizer CS10, CS5. SK50D is a composite keyboard that integrates organ, strings, mono-synth, etc.

Symphonic ensemble keyboard SK30, SK20, SK15, SK10

SK series specifications and accessories

Dec. 1981 issue

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