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Yamaha 1984

Yamaha keyboards catalog 1984

Catalog in 1984

The only analog keyboards in this catalog are the electric grand and the CP7, a low-cost electronic piano. Analog synths have completely disappeared from the catalog.

FM synthesizer DX1, DX7, DX9

FM Synthesis Description

FM Synthesis Description

Remote keyboard KX5, KX1 and DX series specifications

PCM drum machine RX11 and RX15, Digital sequencer QX1

The CX5F and CX5 are personal computers specialized for music by uniquely expanding the MSX standard PC.

List of options for CX series computers

FM electronic piano PF15, PF12, PF10, and analog electronic piano CP7.

FM digital keyboard GS1, GS2 and electric grand CP80, CP70B

Accessories and effects

Oct. 1984

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