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Yamaha 1988

Yamaha keyboards catalog 1988

1988 keyboard catalog

The introduction of the new synthesizer EOS.

EOS series FM synthesizer YS200 and YS100.


Descriptions of DX7II series.

4-Operator FM synthesizer V2.

Descriptions of FM synthesis, and specifications of DX series.

Digital sampler TX16W

FM synthesizer TX802 and TX81Z

Digital drum RX7

Digital drum RX5 and RX120

Wind MIDI controller WX7

Guitar MIDI controller G10 and MIDI converter G10C

Digital sequencer QX3 and QX5Fd

MIDI master keyboard KX88, KX76, remote keyboard KX5, Electric grand piano CP80M and CP70M.

FM digital piano PF200, AWM digital piano PF85

X'ART digital system

ROM cartridges and MSX2 computer CX7/128

MIDI processor and accessories.

Audio mixer and effects.

Cassette MTR CMX100, CMXII, monitor speakers.


Oct. 1988

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