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Yamaha 1992

Yamaha keyboards catalog 1992

1992 issue catalog.

Table of contents

Workstation synthesizer SY99

Workstation synthesizer SY77 and tone generator TG77

Workstation sythesizer SY55, FM workstation synthesizer V50

Vector control synthesizer SY22 and tone generator TG33

EOS B500 workstation synthesizer. The program and demonstration songs, supervised by Tetsuya Komuro, are featured.

VHS video cassette size sound module QY10

MIDI data filer MDF2 and digital drum machine RY30

FM tone generator TX802, TQ5, digital drum machine RX8, RX120, digital sequencer QX3, Wind MIDI controller WX11 and tone generator WT11, MIDI master keyboard KX88, remote keyboard KX5

Voice cards

Voice cards

Audio mixers, effects, etc.


Sep. 1992

Annexed New Line Up catalog, Jul. 1992 issue.

Workstation synthesizer SY85

Vector control synthesizer SY35

AWM2 Tone generator TG500

TG100 tone generator

Rhythm sound module RM50

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